It is Mayday!

Sometimes in the depth of winter it feels like the warm sun and flowers of May will never be reality again.  Yet, here it is for us to love and appreciate!

Miss Fancee, my very favorite cow calved yesterday.  She gave us yet another beautiful heifer calf that I named Laurel.  Laurel is doing very well.  Each new calf brings me such joy is a highlight of milking.

The ducks and the chickens are on the ground and growing like crazy.  The ducks are already eating the grass in our orchard and are growing bigger by the second.  The chicks aren’t too far behind and will be on the grass this week as well.

We are expecting some pigs due this June and are taking reservations on some weaner pigs.  They are purebred American Guinea Hogs and we have had a blast raising them.  Feel free to contact me if you are interested in them as we now officially have a reservation list for them.

Please note that it is unlikely that we will have eggs for sale until the fall.  We are transitioning into a new flock and have thus passed on some of our older hens who were providing the surplus of eggs.

We have had some problems recently at the farm and wanted to take an opportunity to remind us all of some of the rules.  Please take the time to read these simple rules and help me follow them.  This farm is also our home, and we would like to keep it nice and be able to continue to provide milk.

Please try to pick up your milk between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm. I realize that it is a bit of a drive for some of you to come and get your milk and that it can be sometimes hard to fit into your schedule.  That said, we have had quite a few people picking up milk at midnight and later (3am!).  If you cannot make it in the above hours, feel free to text or call me so that I know when you plan to come and can be aware.

Please ONLY return your jars to the yellow fridge in the creamery.  The jars sitting on the pour table are clean and sterile jars that have come out of the dishwasher and are ready for the next milking.  If someone puts their returned jars on that table I cannot always tell what is clean and what is dirty, and I often have to rewash the whole batch.  If the yellow fridge is full, feel free to put the jars on the floor beside and in front of the fridge.

Please return the CAST IRON FARM engraved jar including the lid.  If you cannot find a jar, I would rather wait for it to turn up then to get a jar that has been used for something other than milk.  I had someone return a jar that was not my jar that had stored chopped onions in it.  I discovered it only AFTER I had poured milk into the jar.  The milk and the jar had to be discarded.  If you lose or damage a lid, I ask that you replace it.  The lids are actually almost as expensive as the jars themselves.  Please take good care of them and return them clean and in good repair.

Please keep track of your family and your children while on our farm.  Feel free to poke around and say hi to goats or cats or cows, but watch your children.  Our electric fence tests at 9000 Volts and it hurts (and can be damaging to kids).  Also, we have had some property damage from children who were unattended.  This is our home, and while we are happy to share it, it is disheartening to see our property damaged or destroyed.  Also, while we make an effort to keep the property safe, there are unsafe elements at times.  We would hate to see anyone get hurt.

Please do not open barn doors or gates without permission.  If you don’t see me around to ask, you can always call me to get permission, but if the barn is closed, there is a reason.  If you do get permission you are responsible to close the door or the gates back up securely behind you.

Also, please put your payment in an envelope with your name on it  and put it in the wire basket on the shelf.  I pick them up every day or so.

We did have a bit of a milk shortage through April as Hazel had a bit of inflammation.  Now that Fancee has calved everything is back on schedule.  Feel free to text me with any requests for extra milk.

Lastly, Christine will be out of town from May 30 through June 5.  Our very able relief milker, Emma will be milking.  Christine can always be contacted on her cell phone at if you have any questions.  Invoices will go out before May 30, which is a little bit early.

Have a good month and enjoy your milk!