June 2013 Newsletter


I like June, especially when we have these mild, cloudy, rainy days.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the sun too, but I swear I would rather live in Iceland than any other place on Earth.  I hear that the highest recorded temperature ever in Iceland was 82 degrees.  I can get behind that!  Anyway, all this rain has meant one thing, GRASS!  With the dry weather, we were already having to irrigate the pastures in early May!  Needless to say, these inches of rain have really helped out, and will ensure lush, green grass for all of our hooved animals on through into the fall.  For you that means healthier milk and meat.

This newsletter is going out early this month because as of this morning I am packing up the kids in the car and heading over to my hometown, Burns, in eastern Oregon.  My entire family lives over there and I am going over for a vacation.  You guessed it, I’ll be milking cows and moving irrigation pipe, but at least I will be with my family and the kids with their cousins.  I love to visit even if it means that they still put me to work.  I have left the farm in very capable hands, but feel free to contact me if you have questions or need anything.  My phone # is on the milk fridge.  Again, please don’t hesitate to call.

The chicks and ducks are out on grass and are growing fast.  I expect to see some major growth this month and we have a butcher date scheduled for next month.  Our freezer has been lacking chicken for the past 6 months and oh have we been sorry.  I do still have a few left available if you want some.

Stay tuned as our sow, Marigold is due to deliver piglets on the 10th.  It will be fun to see baby pigs, and we will most likely show them off to you when you come to get milk.

We will be welcoming a new cow into our herd on June 6th.  She has been carefully selected and carefully tested over the past month to make sure that she will fit into our program.  She is a gorgeous Brown Swiss!   There will be plenty of extra milk at that time, so feel free to increase your milk supply to tell a friend.

As a last note, please try to get your payments in toward the beginning of the month as that helps us cover expenses more readily.

Enjoy your milk!