July 2013 Newsletter

Hello all,

We have finally made it to summer!  I am in the camp of Oregonians who love the rain and complain about the heat, mainly, I don’t like to see the livestock hot, so my days have been spent doing what I can to keep everyone cool and to stay cool myself.  Of course, part of the fun of that has been to spray the pigs down several times a day with the hose and to make mud holes for them.  It is so much fun to watch them display their piggy natures.  The mamas have even taken to getting into their water trough when they are feeling too hot.  As you may have noticed, we have 17 little piglets running around, growing by the second.  We still have one or two available to go out as weaner pigs, ready the last week of July.  Now is your chance to grow out your own family hog.

The ducks will be ready after Saturday the 6th, so those of you who have reserved them will be contacted to make sure that you get them.  Chickens still have another three weeks of growing on green grass before they will be ready to stock your freezer.

Summer seems to be the time when milk is plentiful because of all of the green grass that the cows are eating. That said, we have plenty of extra milk available right now, so if you wanted to increase your milk order or get a friend on, now is the time.  For the month of July  , I will be offering an incentive of 1 free gallon of milk to anyone that refers a new customer to me.  Summer is the time when everyone is on vacation, but we still have to milk those cows every day, so if you know of anyone who might be interested in raw milk, I’m asking for your help to connect us up.

Have a nice summer, get lots of fun in and stay cool.  And as always, enjoy your milk!

Farmer Christine