November 2013 Newsletter

Ah.. November… Fall…

I must admit that I thoroughly enjoy the transition of the season from summer to late summer and on into the fall.  Summer is always full of a busy flurry of activity, never-ending activity that ends in late sunsets and tired muscles.  By the end of the summer, I so look forward to the quiet dark of the fall and winter.  Secretly, this is my favorite time of year–the time when a cup of warm tea (with cream of course) starts each day.  The time when the fire in the woodstove warms the center of our house.  That cozy fire next to which my arm chair sits beckoning my children and I to sit and read and craft through the darkening of the days.  Sentimental, YES!  I have much to appreciate about this season.

November also marks my personal favorite holiday–Thanksgiving!  In my family, Thanksgiving is a big deal, and everyone takes a week out of their busy lives and their busy farming schedule to slow down, cook, eat and enjoy the company of those around them.  I will be traveling to eastern Oregon to spend the holiday with my family, and I very much look forward to the home-grown turkey, the scalloped potatoes and the pumpkin pie that is to come.

But fear not!  We spent much of October transitioning over, and I have two very capable milkers who are handling the day to day milking chores of the farm.  The cows have moved mostly into the barn and are eating their sweet, delicious alfalfa hay, chewing their cuds, making milk for you to drink all while they lounge in their well-bedded stalls.  I am lucky to have found the capable help that has been doing the milking, and things are running very smoothly.  I taken bacteria tests from the milk and am happy to report that the milk is as clean as it ever has been.  Hooray for well-oiled milking systems and milkers who like to get up early to hang out with cows!

Thank you so much for your patronage of our farm through the darkening of the year.  The cows are still milking their hearts out for you even as it gets colder and darker outside.  Also, we have two new babies due in December, which of course means there is always more milk to come.

Oh…. I’ve almost forgotten, my pregnant self has been craving egg nog like crazy lately, and if you haven’t made egg nog out of our fresh, creamy, raw milk, you might want to give it a try.  I guarantee you won’t be sorry!

Enjoy your milk!