Click on the cow above to visit her in her barn.

Thanks for coming to check us out.  We are a small family farm run by Christine (mama), Jared (daddy) our kiddos Daphne, Cyprus and Florence.  Even though our kids are young, they have supervised responsibilities around the farm.  We believe that it is never too young  to teach basic life skills to our kids.  As such, you will see the kids in lots of the photos here, they are just going about their job as our young farm hands.  When you come for a visit in person, you are likely to be led around the farm by the two young ones as they show you their new baby lamb, their favorite rabbit or even show you the progress the bees are making on their hive.  One day, they will be running the show.


We love to share our farm with our community.  We like to have  a relationship with our customers.  We like to hear what is important to you and to allow you to have a chance to interact with the land and animals that produce your food.  We thought it would be fun to put together a space where you could check out our projects and our animals without having to put on your muck boots.  These pages should give you a good idea of what we do around here and answer some of the questions you might have about how we operate on a day to day basis.  So, have a look around and meet some of the characters we have here on the farm.