Cast Iron Farm has many diverse projects going on at any given time so we have a wide range of products available.  Traditionally, farming relies heavily on the seasons for production.  Each season has something new, different and delicious to offer.  We will gladly take a deposit and reserve the purchase of anything we offer here.

Farm Tour/Education: Note: We make an appointment for a free 30-40 minute farm tour before you get milk for the first time where we visit the cows, the pasture, the milking parlor and the barn..   Otherwise, if you would like to come out and see the farm for a farm tour with your family, we can accommodate this.  You can see any part of the farm you desire and interact with the farm animals.  We recommend you come out for our afternoon chores with us where we visit each animal and inspect how they are doing and feed them.  The cost for a farm visit is $50/hour per family with a 1 hour minimum.  You will have our undivided attention to ask questions.  Wear your muck boots!  All farm visits are by appointment only!

Farm Show and Tell:  We will show you how we operate on the farm doing anything  we have knowledge of.  We do this for $50 per hour with a 1 hour minimum (plus travel expenses of .60 cents a mile from our farm).  Suggested topics could include but not limited to: care of cows (beef and dairy), milking (by hand or machine), milk parlor set up, milk testing, care of dairy goats, livestock breeding, general farm set up, etc.

Cow Milk: Raw cow milk is $18 per gallon. Our milk schedule is currently full. Click here to sign up for our waiting list to be notified when space opens up. Wait time is estimated to be 1-2 months.

Goat/Sheep Milk: Cast Iron Farm does NOT have goat milk available nor do we plan to offer it at any time in the future.  (Oregon law).

Eggs: We raise chickens only for our own family.  We occasionally put an extra dozen or two in the fridge for our milk customers to take, but do not plan on buying eggs from us on a regular basis.

Beef: We do not offer beef for sale at this time.  We highly recommend the grass-fed beef from our friends at